I’m a big fan of his smile, and the dance’s cute.

Ooooooh the feels!!! I’m like laughing while wiping away my tears of sadness! Just wow really really good movie!! ** on my list for sure! Great acting on everyones part but the little girl gosh!!! freeken stabbed me in the emotions!!

Sorry for the LQ picture but 은밀하게 위대하게 Is another movie that I wanna add to my watched list. I’ve watched a lot since the last post I made but this was just wow! i give it a ** on my list [: Superb acting… ending was typical but I can’t help it!! I love typical endings! It was just so funny and heart wrenching!!! Pretty good for a story without a love line~



Temptation of Wolves (2004)
Rating: 3/5
I loved the love triangle but later on shipped Hae Won and Han Kyung. I cried through some scenes.

I LOVE LOVE this movie I give it a 5/5 캬~~ Why did I find this movie just now?
GREAT movie~ I give it ** on my list! So basically the girl is a top model and this guy she likes has a thing for chubby girls and she asks her brother to help her gain weight. Its HILLARIOUS! There is this part where the brother is advising her sister on how to gain weight and its like a rap/song and its sooooo funny~ I think its so sweet and cute! I would def. recommend this movie to every one~
특수본 le movie that I watched on the plan to Korea and I totally forgot about it until I stumbled upon it again today! It was a pretty good movie. It was more of an action film so if you don’t like blood then this isn’t the movie for you but I would say this isn’t the level of 아저씨 gory bc that I had to skip around but this wasn’t so bad. I would give it a * on my list~
Adding to my to see list. I wonder. Will we ever be at peace? Olympics are coming up and news about it are popping up everywhere. My favorite is this. The year when South and North team up to play ping pong (table tennis)
HOLY MOLY! THIS IS THE MOVIE TO WATCH! For guys and girls alike. Its not a love story so guys wont be grossed out but its cute enough for girls too! This movie is just great! Two guys want to win officer of the year and they catch bad guys and win points depending on the type of criminal it is. And whoever has the most points win officer of the year. But this movie is just way too cute. Not intense enough to be called thriller but chilling enough to be called horror without all the yuck! I really really recommend this movie! I give it ** on my list <3


Because I’m on Humming Urban Stereo mode right now. And because I love love love Lee Yeon Hee and Jung Il Woo together. It’s kind of sad that Lee Jin Hwa already passed away but her adorable voice will always be remembered.