특수본 le movie that I watched on the plan to Korea and I totally forgot about it until I stumbled upon it again today! It was a pretty good movie. It was more of an action film so if you don’t like blood then this isn’t the movie for you but I would say this isn’t the level of 아저씨 gory bc that I had to skip around but this wasn’t so bad. I would give it a * on my list~


Because I’m on Humming Urban Stereo mode right now. And because I love love love Lee Yeon Hee and Jung Il Woo together. It’s kind of sad that Lee Jin Hwa already passed away but her adorable voice will always be remembered.

My love 2007 I saw the clip of lee yeon hee singing the Hawaiian couple song which is a clip from this movie so I just had to watch the movie~ 멋있어 멋있어, 너무멌있어서 가슴이 콩닥콩닥 뛰는걸 어떡해~
This movie is way too cute! on my movie list it would get two stars!! (** means i will force you to watch it) It has sad romance, cute romance, etc! Its not like ew thats way to romantic but its like you can watch it with your 9 year old sister good! It is really really way too cute <3 I would 100% recommend it! Its good without any sexual stuff which makes it even better ya know?! I would like to say more but i’m afraid i’ll ruin the movie~